Brand Ambassador Program

We are looking for fun, outgoing, ambitious & dependable brand ambassadors to help promote WolfPak Clothing to potential new customers.

Potential Candidates Include those with

• A passion for building & growing relationships
• Strong leadership skills
• Passionate about company brand & our vision
• Has adequate professionalism
• Strong social media presence
• Must have an outgoing & ambitious personality to interact with consumers

What YOU get out of this program:

• You will be given a special code that allows us to know which brand ambassador prompted the sale. If your code is used for a purchase, a certain % of that order will be payed out to you via, paypal or venmo.
• Fantastic way to get involved & meet new people on your campus and in the community (networking is HUGE in the grand scheme of your future career). *
• Ea$$$y money for college students looking for extra cash
• Looks great on resumes
• Valuable social media marketing & sales experience (resume builder)
• Builds confidence + communication/social interaction skills


Responsibilities Include:

• Retain brand knowledge
• Interact with consumers about the brand and their products
• Distribute flyers to every consumer interaction that you have
• Must be reliable & passionate about the brand and what it stands for!!!

How do I get started?

Simple - Send a professionally worded email to (subject line BA Program). Please include a small write up that tells us a little about you & what you want to get out of this opportunity, as well as your social media handles. We typically respond to all inquiries within 3-4 days. Thank you for your interest in becoming a Brand Ambassador for WolfPak Clothing & continue striving for greatness!